Rags2Riches Roleplay is a GTA V RP server bringing smiles across the globe as we create one of the top servers on FiveM. Your donations will be put back into the server into obtaining the greatest hardware and development of scripts we can offer.

Please make sure you are over 16 years of age, or consult a parent/legal guardian before making a purchase from our webstore.

It may take up to 30 minutes for your purchase to come through. If you run into any issues with your purchase, join our Discord server and create a donation support ticket. All responses will be within 24 hours.

NOTE: Please be patient with your donations, the server is a lot to maintain thus meaning some donation packages may take a day or two to receive your rewards. Chargebacks will result in a permanent ban, and NO refunds will be made on orders.

If you are permanently banned or continuously abusing something you have purchased it will be removed with no refunds.

Also note that if you are inactive for over a month any of your addons in game will be removed as we have to clear space for new players.